Creating Heaven Through Your Plate is an eating guide. It is the culmination of 20+ years of talking to bodies about what was out-of-balance in them and what would quickly bring them back into balance. I learned numerous lessons from the bodies I spoke with and helped heal:


       1) Bodies are NOT into judgment and denial!

       They taught me that what we take into our bodies is only considered ‘healthy’ (by the body) if it can be easily digested and assimilated with NO stress! So, the question is not ”Isn’t this food healthy?” The question needs to be, “Can I digest this food with ease?”

       And bodies taught me that when people approach food with a ‘denial’ mentality, they are setting themselves up to fail! Being healthy is not about denying treats and only eating boring, cardboard-tasting foods: after all, humans are all ‘addictive personality types’ and all those wonderful taste buds are there to aid us in enjoyment. So, if a body can eat yogurt and maple syrup with ease, it really doesn’t care if it’s been frozen into ice cream!


       2) Bodies can heal quickly when an internal stress-free environment is created.

       My book is structured to take you through a personal health assessment, from which you are directed to follow one of three beginning eating plans (Basic Balancer, Deep Cleanser, and Super Cleanser).

       Usually within 4 weeks of following the right eating plan and learning to follow your own bodies messages, most people experience major changes and frequently, many, if not all, of their initial symptoms disappear or are obviously changing! (‘Disappeared’ is not really the right word, because it really takes months and months to HEAL health problems… but most people’s symptoms do clear quickly.)


       3) Bodies taught me that there are certain foods that are easy to digest, others that are difficult to digest and many that are in-between.

       This easy-to-difficult range is created by the volume of enzymes that are needed to digest any particular food. Enzyme production is directly linked to vitamin and mineral levels. IF you have the nutrients to make the enzymes needed to digest a certain food, great! But if you don’t have the nutrients, the enzymes are not there to digest that food and it will rot and putrify in your system, creating constipation, irritable bowel problems, gas, and, generally, create poisons and toxins that lead to lots of other ailments and imbalances!

       So, by eating only foods that you can fully digest, stress-free, you give your body the space to correct its own imbalances.


       4) Bodies need lots of extra nutrients to heal properly.

       The second key to this approach is to give your body the extra vitamin and minerals it needs to heal. But, once your digestion went awry, the ability to digest and assimilate most regular vitamin and mineral sources seriously drops.

       So Chapter 8 suggests numerous ways to increase your vitamin and mineral intake using food supplements that are easy to digest and are treated as food by the body, eliminating the concern about overdosing on any particular nutrient.


       5) Bodies have wonderful and obvious message systems that let you know what works in them and what doesn’t work.

       The most obvious of these message systems is what I call ‘mucus reactions’.

       As soon as you eat a food, your body knows if it will be able to digest it or not. If it can NOT digest the food (or some part of it), it will immediately go into the first of several defense reactions.

       The first line of defense is the creation of mucous. Literally, within 15-20 SECONDS up to 15-20 minutes, if you have eaten an indigestible food, your whole digestive system is slimed with mucous.

       Mucous is a benign substance that is created to surround toxin particles to stop them from being absorbed and, if absorbed, to move them out of your body.

       This mucous reaction is so blatant that you can actually use it as a ‘food testing’ system. Just take one bite of a food and sit back and wait. If you have any of the following reactions (within 20 minutes), your body is screaming that you can NOT digest that food (or some part f it) and that you should NOT eat it.

       The reactions are: coating on the tongue, mucous in the back of the throat causing you to repeatedly try and ‘clear your throat’, sniffles, sneezes, post-nasal drip, itchy eyes and an upset stomach. The next day, if you ate the offending food, you may have clogged sinuses, a plugged up nose, fatigue, and be headachy or mentally unclear, as well as stopped up (or have diarrhea) and be gassy.


       6) Once this stress-free environment becomes the ‘norm’, enzyme production increases and more foods can be added back into the diet.

       Usually within 6-8 weeks of eating stress-free and getting the proper input of vitamin and mineral sources, bodies are ready to move to the next eating plan level and add in new foods! Over time, usually 9-15 months, most people have healed to the point where they can digest just about anything; though, most people find that there are many foods (like regular grains) that just are not health-sustaining enough to WANT to include back in their daily eating choices.

       Creating Heaven Through Your Plate covers other areas like being pregnant, feeding babies and kids, how to travel and eat well, specific information on 37 different body problems (from acne to cancer), an appendix with information on herbs, vitamins and minerals, and much more.

       Healing yourself is a life-style change. Working through my book usually takes a year or more… not a long time when you consider that it probably took you YEARS to get to a state of ill-health.

       But, yeah! You get to feel better quickly. Your food awareness will become clear and you will develop a healthy, loving connection with food!




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