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Fall / Winter  2005
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    Acne - It Is What You Eat! Consulting

              My name is Beth Baker, I am from Lincoln, Nebraska and I have been an acne sufferer for 24 years. After spending thousands of dollars on doctors, antibiotics and over-the-counter remedies that don’t work, I decided to do research to try and find out what was causing this disease. After two and a half years of research and experimenting with my diet I finally concluded that a diet high in sugar, simple carbohydrates and bad oils had caused my problem.
              The Western Diet is chock full of sugar, simple carbohydrates, and bad oils and they are the culprit behind many of the diseases that we are seeing in this country. Because I was able to cure myself of this disease called acne, I have decided to go into the acne diet consulting business to help those who are out there suffering. I am also in the process of writing a book about my experience and hope to set the record straight after years of arguing with the dermatologists that the sugar in my diet had something to do with my acne.
              While I was experimenting with my diet, I realized that bread was making me break out so I eliminated all bread products from my diet. I really missed having a sandwich to eat so I decided to try some sprouted grain bread from my local health food store. I waited a couple of days in fear that at any moment my face would turn into an oil slick with acne cysts all over it. To my surprise I didn’t break out!
              After this wonderful revelation I started to get a craving for pancakes and wondered if anyone made or sold sprouted flour. I searched the net for a few days and found the Essential Eating Sprouted Flour Company. I was thrilled that this flour was available and immediately ordered some sprouted spelt flour. The results have been just wonderful and now my whole family is starting to enjoy this wonderful product. I also use the sprouted spelt cereal with my favorite low glycemic sweetener and little cream for a wonderful low glycemic breakfast or even as a desert dish.
              The hardest thing to give up on any diet is bread. Many people I have spoken to say they would not go on any diet that didn’t include bread. I am very fortunate to have found the Essential Eating Sprouted Flour Company. I will now be able to tell my clients that they can eat bread and have pancakes that are full of fiber, will not spike their insulin levels, will not cause acne and are full of vitamins. Thank you Shelley for making such a wonderful product!

              Beth A. Baker
              Acne-It Is What You Eat! Consulting



    New Grinding Surfaces!

    Last spring and summer we had a problem with a huge lot of grain that had rocks in it... some of them escaped our cleaning process and damaged the 24-inch stones in our flour grinder. This effected the flour by making it coarse. We did a temporary 'fix' until our grinder repairman could do a resurfacing.

    Below are the pictures I took while the repair work was being done. That's Hank Duncan working on the stones. I was so amazed when Hank had the machine opened. The 24-inch stones are pink granite and are just beautiful!

    So, I'm sure you have noticed... the flour is back to being a fine, powdery consistency.

    We Are Changing Our Name!

    As some of you know, the name 'Essential Eating' that we have been using belongs to Janie Quinn, the author of Essential Eating - A Cookbook. It is her registered trademark and she graciously offered us the use of the name as a way to link our products and concepts together.

    But, as most of you know, the plans and directions that we think we can follow often have 90 degree turns in them. Such a turn presented itself to Janie and I and the name is returning to her.

    As part of our new direction and energy, the Sprouted Flour Co. is changing it's name to Summers Sprouted Flour Co. Expect to see the old and new names interchangeably for awhile. It will take us some time to use up all the labels we have... but as we reprint, all our new changes will be reflected.

    Other Changes!

    This direction change has allowed us to catch up with other plans we have had on hold. One change is that our parent company, CreatingHeaven.Net, has incorporated. We are now CreatingHeaven.Net, Inc., an organization of and for developing franchise companies dedicated to creating healthy eating habits, healthy food products, healthy lifestyles and healthy working companies and environments.

    We are also ‘going kosher’. This was an eventual addition. Most health food processors that make breads, baked goods and other processed foods like candy bars, are kosher and require all foods used in their products to be kosher. We have a pending development that required we go kosher to land the contract.

    And, all these changes mean that our website is being rearranged to reflect our new direction and energy. You will still see me blowing out sparks of joy that turn into our CH.N menu… but we are adding new links, pages and information.

    Sprouted Rye Flour

    All these changes - the name, the incorporation and the kosher rating, are going to be reflected on our labels. And it means we can now print the proper labels for our Sprouted Rye Flour. So, after the beginning of the year, you can start asking for Sprouted Rye Flour in your stores!


    Grinder Stone Repairs

    Before Photo.
    Big Bertha (the stone grinder) before being dismantled.
    Getting ready to open.
    The Stones Exposed.
    The first time I saw these beautiful rose pink granite stones, my heart leaped. The stones add one more link into making this flour so special!
    Scoring the Stone.
    Eight hours of hard work, roughing and scoring the two 24-inch stones.
    Checking the Dressing.
    The stones are painted with an edible paint and the grinder is put back together. The stones are then ground together to take off any high points. Then the whole scoring process is repeated.
    Back Together.
    Once the stones are perfectly ground, we run plain grain through the machine to remove any traces of paint. Hank also did a number of modifications to make cleaning the inside of the grinder possible.


    Mill Tour

    The Grain Washers - the first step in getting the grain clean is to wash 100 lbs with water, then hydrogen peroxide, and rinse again. The grain goes into the kitchen were it is washed again and sorted through to remove the odd wild seed, hull or rock! Then it goes into the sprouting buckets with water. The sprouting grain goes in the Sprouting Room where the temperature is held around 70.
    The sprouted grain is run through the kitchen again, where it is spread on the drying trays and rinsed with hot water before it goes into the dehydrator. Dehydrator - The racks of sprouted grain go into the dehydrator for 48 hours at 110 degrees. Big Bertha (our stone-grinder) will grind 300 lbs of flour in an hour. The flour for the 10#, 25# & 50# bags is ground right into the bags.
    Little Max (the grist mill) does our cereal grinding. Packing Area - The 2# bags are filled, weighed and glued at the packing table, and the larger bags are brought from the Grinding Room to be glued here. Shipping Area - Packaged flour is placed here, along with the box storage. Your order is packed up here.
    Inside the Mill The Office The Workroom



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